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Born in Bruges in a family of musicians, Mathilde studied in Antwerp, Paris and Munich before winning the position of solo harpist at the Residentieorkest in The Hague. As a soloist, she received recognition in several competitions such as the USA International Harp Competition, where she won a bronze medal and the concerto prize. Mathilde’s interest for chamber music has led to collaborations with several musicians. Her duet with Emma Wauters has been invited in Bozar and Concertgebouw Brugge and she is a founding member of Gilu.


Interested in a broad spectrum of music, she regularly joins larger ensembles such as HERMESensemble or I Justiniani.

Mathilde released her solo album Whispers of Tales in 2022, with appreciated support of the SWUK foundation.

The most wonderful smell for you? 

Cold winter nights and people I love

What makes you angry? 


What helps against stage fright?

Using your fantasy in a positive way

Do you live in the Conservatory/Concert hall?

Only between 10h and 22h 

Where is your favourite place? 

Out of nostalgia, the floor of room 166

Heroes of your youth?

Astrid Lindgren

How do you live? 


What part of yourself annoys you the most? 

I need about 4 hours to wake up

Why music?

It is everything

What do you like about yourself?

Weird humor

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Gilu Trio (c) Anna Tena-5_edited.jpg
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Gilu Trio (c) Anna Tena-5_edited.jpg
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