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Britten, Haendel, Piazzolla, Royer, Rimsky-Korsakov and Strauss.
CD & LP available on pearlacoustics webstore.

Also available on streaming-platforms & stores.

With their first CD & LP “Garland” Gilu brings a garland of heartwarming songs, arranged for soprano, violin and harp, from Britten, Handel, Piazzolla, Rimsky – Korsakov, Royer and Strauss.

In this album Gilu presents a diversity of styles, cultures and languages. Having a particularly strong connection to the repertoire from the 20th century and a fascination for contemporary music, the group has combined modern pieces with works of earlier centuries. What connects them all is the universality of human emotion and the search for beauty.

Gilu represents a unique combination of sound colours. Original arrangements bring out the specificities of each instrument. While the individual qualities are celebrated, Gilu’s aim is to unify them in a whole new timbre - just as a garland, in which different foliages, flowers and lights keep their individuality and are holding together to form a richer whole.

Thinking of Arthur Rimbaud and his Illuminations, we stretch out our Garland of songs from window to window, maybe passing in front of yours, too. Perhaps, we will find you there, enjoying a nice cup of hot tea, while soft snow falls and covers the world in sweet silence, so that you may feel « Gilu » and rejoice !

This project was made possible thanks to the generous support of YBT, Greet van 't Veld and Harley Lovegrove.

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